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Little Birds, Big Words

$Squawk & $Chirp are the reignition of Ryoshi's Vision and stand as shining examples to what community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrencies SHOULD be!

A Truly Decentralized Community

Liquidity locked, no team wallets, and 30+ contributors steering the ship on the main staff. Squawk is a truly decentralized project setting a new standard for token quality and ethics. We take pride in Squawk being more than a memecoin, we're changing the world.

We're Authentic, Not Synthetic

None of our followers, holders, influencers, exchange listings, or press is paid for. What you see is what you get. We care about the purity of our support and we can earnestly say - every holder is there because they chose to be.


2D and 3D Play-To-Earn games are currently in developement. Get ready for the SQUAWKVERSE. It is BirdSzn Baby!

Stay tuned for early access passes.




Max Supply: 30 Trillion $SQUAWK
Circulating: 10 Trillion $SQUAWK
Taxes: None


Max Supply: 1 Trillion $CHIRP
Circulating: 1 Trillion $CHIRP
Taxes: 4% Buy/Sell




Squawk is developed by a decentralized team of over 30 contributors spanning everything from software development to marketing, and we have just started.

We are open for contributions from anyone and everyone, afterall, that is what decentralization truly means.


Think you have what is takes? Jump in to one of our communities and reach out to a volunteer to see how you can get involved.



Who is the deployer?

Many know them as Red Decentra, or Red, but for his vision he doesn’t declare his identity important. Red is clearly well connected and funded to push the project financially, but he recognizes the importance of a strong cult-like community to be of the upmost importance. Whether Red is Ryoshi, or Woof, or any other well known dev people claim them to be, it doesn’t matter. What matters is a community working together to achieve a common goal, to change the world.

How do I contribute?

Tell everyone you know that Squawk exists, give your friends an opportunity to change their lives as well. If you come from an exchange, or any sort of listing service, reach out, help us grow to new communities. If you are a developer, help contribute, contact anybody who is volunteering and we will help on-board you. You do not need experience, you don’t have to be a wizard, you just need the mentality, and the wish for SQUAWK to succeed.

What is our vision?

We are creating a metaverse, which will help onramp new people who are not currently involved in memecoins and bring them into our ecosystem. Through the use of Chirp, a necessary part of our ecosystem, we will help pay to list both Squawk and Chirp on mainstream exchanges, increasing our exposure and making it easier for people join our army. And at the end of the road, we will fulfill Ryoshi’s dream of Shi.

What is the goal of Squawk?

The goal of Squawk is to change the world. We do not want to flip Shiba, we want to flip Bitcoin. We are disgusted by the way people treat this space, so we offer a change of pace. There are no team tokens, there are no rich whales given a piece of the pie for nothing. Whales are lazy, they don’t build a community, people working a 9–5 do, people with ambition do.

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